IGS Webinar Series 7

De-carbonization in Energy Transition

The driving forces towards de-carbonization has become stronger than ever following the pledges during COP26 in Glasgow last year. Indonesia will also take some measures for de-carbonization in the current energy transition, which clearly impact to the Indonesian Gas Industry.

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IndoPACIFIC LNG Summit 2022, BALI

Adapting to the new Energy World

The Driving force are Toward De-carbonization
19-20 July 2022, Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali

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Webinar Series 6 - IGS 7th Anniversary

Efektifitas Kebijakan Harga Gas Dalam Meningkatkan Daya Saing Industri Indonesia

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Analysts Warn Of $150 Oil If The West Bans Russian Crude

The United States and the European Union have been reluctant to slap sanctions on Russia's oil and gas exports since Putin invaded Ukraine, as the Western allies are concerned about the repercussions on Europe's energy supply and skyrocketing oil and gasoline prices. Still, potential sanctions on Russian energy exports are not off the table. If the West bans Russian oil, international crude prices could skyrocket to $150 per barrel, analysts say.

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Pemerintah Tunda Penerapan Pajak Karbon di Detik-detik Terakhir, Kenapa?

Jakarta - Pemerintah mengumumkan bahwa penerapan pajak karbon yang sejatinya diimplementasikan pada bulan depan, April mundur ke Juli 2022. Apa penyebabnya? "Untuk pajak karbon, pemerintah sedang menyiapkan peraturan perundang-undangan yang memang tidak hanya menjadi turunan dari Undang-undang HPP," kata Kepala Badan Kebijakan Fiskal (BKF) Kementerian Keuangan Febrio Kacaribu dalam konferensi pers APBN Edisi Maret 2022, Senin (28/3/2022).

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Russia warns West of $300 per barrel oil, cuts to EU gas supply

DUBLIN, March 7 (Reuters) - Western countries could face oil prices of over $300 per barrel and the possible closure of the main Russia-Germany gas pipeline if governments follow through on threats to cut energy supplies from Russia, a senior minister said on Monday. Oil prices spiked to their highest levels since 2008 on Monday after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington and European allies were considering banning Russian oil imports.

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Indonesian Gas Society (IGS) is a non-profit organization to support the development of the Indonesian Gas Industry, from upstream, midstream, to downstream, which includes commercial, technical, operational and HSSE aspects

The Indonesian Gas Society established in June 2014, IGS aims to support the development of Indonesia’s upstream to downstream gas industry

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