Local businesses capture emissions and save energy through FortisBC pilot program



November 20, 2017

New carbon capture technology introduced for commercial heating systems

SURREY, BC – As part of FortisBC’s commitment to providing innovative energy solutions to its customers, the company today announced a new pilot program for businesses. The program uses first in the world carbon capture technology to decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and save energy.

The technology, produced by CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies (CleanO2), reduces the energy usage of commercial boilers that use natural gas and captures and converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into a usable byproduct. This results in cost savings for the commercial business as well as a reduction in GHG emissions.

“FortisBC embraces progressive and sustainable technologies for the benefit of all of our customers. By developing this pilot program, businesses have access to new technology which aligns with broad policy goals for carbon reduction,” said Jason Wolfe, director of energy solutions at FortisBC. “New technologies are becoming increasingly important in the move to be more efficient in our energy usage, reducing emissions, all while ensuring customers have access to affordable energy choices such as natural gas.”

The carbon capture unit will have an impact on GHG emissions for commercial customers. Organizations that have signed on to the six-month pilot program include Cadillac Fairview Richmond Centre and Blue Horizon Hotel. Both of these businesses embrace creating a more sustainably conscious future for their customers.

“Technologies like carbon capture are the way of the future in terms of reducing emissions and saving energy,” said Jaeson Cardiff, CEO of CleanO2. “Our units decrease energy consumption by up to 10 per cent depending upon the boiler size. In addition, our units remove CO2 from flue gas thereby reducing GHG emissions.”

The carbon capture unit captures carbon from flue gas to turn it into sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash, a versatile mineral used to make pharmaceuticals, manufacture glass as well as soap. According to CleanO2, the unit can create up to 6.7 tons of soda ash per year and operate for up to 25 years.

The pilot program was developed to assist in advancing the technologies to commercialization and acceptance in the market.

For more information on the pilot program and carbon capture technology, contact: energysolutions@fortisbc.com.
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