Summary Report IndoPACIFIC LNG Summit 2020

IndoPACIFIC LNG Summit 2020, 3-4 March 2020, Bali

  • Gas demand will continue to grow largely in Asian economies and in particular in South Asia and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, will increasingly dominate the market. With the current over supply in LNG market, the industry must collaborate to bring balance back to the supply and demand of LNG.
  • The industry needs to acknowledge that different buyers have different needs. As an industry, we need to understand what those individual needs are, and be flexible in offering solutions.
  • Suppliers must evolve new business models and accommodate buyers’ requirements to make the business sustainable.
  • To survive in a commodity LNG world, suppliers will have to stay abreast of new technology and commercial innovation in the digital revolution, including down-scaling to small scale LNG options.
  • Creating demand. There are a lot of potential new market to be developed in emerging Asian market such as LNG bunkering and small scale, which of course need development of gas infrastructures and conducive government policy.
  • Indonesian Gas Society (IGS) is honored to host the 2nd IndoPACIFIC LNG Summit to serve as a timely forum for the LNG industry in Indopacific region. As one of the main “engines of growth’ for LNG demand, the Indopacific region has a big stake in how the industry addresses the opportunities as well as challenges and dynamics of LNG market.


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