PLN Projects That This Year’s LNG Demand Will Reach More Than 400 TBTU

ILUSTRASI. Petugas PLN Jayapura menata peralatan setelah memperbaiki listrik di sepanjang ruas jalan pantai Hamadi, Kota Jayapura, Papua. ANTARA FOTO/Indrayadi TH


PLN Primary Energy Director Rudy Hendra Prastowo projects that this year’s LNG demand will be higher than last year’s realization. In 2021, the demand for LNG is estimated to be above 400 trillion British thermal units (TBTU).

Rudy said that the need for LNG would depend on the development of electricity demand. Although he did not mention the detail, the need for LNG last year was indeed smaller, which was below 400 TBTU.

The volume of total gas demand will increase above 800 TBTU until 2028. Meanwhile, the energy mix in 2025 for natural gas including LNG is planned to reach 15.3% with a need of 939 TBTU.



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