SKK Migas Predicts That the Cepu Block and Mahakam Block Will Experience A Decline This Year

ILUSTRASI. Pemboran sumur migas di Blok Cepu

The Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) predicts that the Cepu Block and Mahakam Block will experience a decline phase this year. SKK Migas Operations Deputy Julius Wiratno said that this year the Cepu Block managed by ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (ECML) has the potential to decline after entering this year’s peak production.

He continued, Banyu Urip Field’s performance so far has shown results above planning. However, he could not specify how much the production decline will occur this year. What is clear, according to Julius, the decline will not be drastic or at a production level of 220 thousand BPD.

Julius is optimistic that with aggressive and massive activities to seek approval on the development of new wells, there is a hope for an increase.


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