LNG practitioners,

Welcome to the very first edition of 101/4/2020 Newsletter, a dedication from Indonesian Gas Society to all of you our members. The newsletter, which will be distributed every mid month, is an avenue to keep our members and prospects informed about activities, insights and latest developments around LNG industry.

The newsletter will also act as a thought leadership piece and go-to-source for our major LNG stakeholders.

As we know COVID-19 is changing everything about life and work. We’re all focused on how to keep ourselves safe and healthy and at the same time safeguard and support our families, employees, customers, and communities in dealing with the crisis. On behalf of Indonesian Gas Society (IGS) board members, I want to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with those who are affected.

Medical frontliners who put their lives at the most extreme stake of the COVID-19 pandemic deserve our sincerest and deepest gratitude and appreciation. We equally thank everyone involved, under difficult and extreme circumstances, in continuing to maintain essential services operational.

One of IGS’s mission has always been to promote natural gas as a key source of sustainable energy for the growth of the economy in Indonesia. As such, we acknowledge the critical role of energy systems to remain operational at a time like this, from energy production and transportation to its use to light, which enables us to stay productive at home, and to producing the critically needed life-saving medical supplies and chemicals.

To help reduce risks for all, we are encouraging all of our members and people across society to always comply with health and safety recommendations and protocols from the authorities and and applying them with an even higher standard of the strongly instilled culture of health and safety in the natural gas industry.

Despite all the hardships, we at IGS are calling out to our members to stay productive and collaborative during this challenging time. We understand that we need to be socially distanced at this time, but that shouldn’t stop us from offering emphaty and concerting solidarity to help each other. Together we will win this battle!


Didik Sasongko Widi

Chairman of IGS