An independent, effective and reliable organization of energy and energy related professionals working to facilitate close and effectual collaboration among stakeholders towards advancing the Indonesian gas industry through sound policies and strategies and improved human quality, business processes and practices and new technologies.


  • To promote natural gas as a key source of sustainable energy for the growth of the economy and prosperity in Indonesia.
  • To provide strategic input to the policy makers (the Central and regional Governments, Parliament, and industry peers)..
  • To promote the development of the gas industry through all stakeholders of industrial gases.
  • To Facilitate the equitable distribution of information and technology related to the gas industry in Indonesia..
  • To provide benefits for all members.


In striving towards the vision and fulfilling the mission, IGS will:

  • ECONOMY: Promote all activities within the entire gas chain, which can add to the technical and economic progress of gas;
  • CUSTOMERS: Encourage development of good customer services and customer relations;
  • TECHNOLOGY: Encourage research and development towards new and better technologies for the gas community;
  • SAFETY: Promote the safe production, transmission, distribution and utilisation of gas;
  • ENVIRONMENT: Encourage and promote development of clean technology, renewable energy applications and other activities, which will add to the environmental benefits of gas;